ARTchix Studio ATCs swap “I love animals”

I am so happy that I managed to participate in this ATC swap.  As a cat-addicted and cat-crazy person it was quite plain for me to make cat ATCs.  I just loved making them.  I hope, the Chixs who get them like them as well!  And, to tell the truth, I really would like to receive some cat ATCs, too …  Each participant had to make 6 ATCs, here are mine:


Unfortunately, they are a little bit blurred.  I really have to buy a new digital camera in the near future.


Some “yummy” photos

This year, I decided to buy a birthday cake for my husband at the baker’s.  There was a great variety of “special” cakes.  I chose a cream-cheese cake with pears and a cute topping – Petterson and Findus (Findus is the cat) which are characters from a children’s book series written by Sven Nordqvist, but let’s take a look at it:

Unfortunately, there is no piece of the cake left, but Petterson and Findus were made of plastic, so we still have something of the cake ;-)!

Below you can see one of the Petterson-and-Findus books:

Wie Findus zu Pettersson kam

Winter impressions

As promised, here are some photos I took of our house and garden during the last 2 snowy months:



We also took some photos at the small zoo of Braunschweig:

Murphy’s law …

… struck again!  Yesterday, we went out for lunch.  On the way back from the restaurant to the car, there was an icy spot on the street which I could not see, I slipped and … fell down.  Thank goodness, it was only very painful, but  nothing got broken!  However, the whole right-hand side of my body hurt (and still is hurting!), I did not know whether I should stand, sit or walk …  so, unfortunately,  I was neither able to sit in front of the computer nor to download photos … I hope I will manage that during the week … 

And, at the moment, it is starting to snow again … can’t remember such a long, snowy and icy winter!  The last one was decades ago …

I am still alive …

… and hope that I can manage to enter some winter and cat photos during the coming weekend!

Here’s already one photo of Ludwig, our British Shorthair tomcat (isn’t he just cute?):


This phot is a little bit older … in the meantime he weighs 8 kg and is a very sightly tomcat and has two companions, Tolouse and Passepartout, as well British Shorthair tomcats.  Most of the time they are bosom buddies, but there are other times, too ;-)!

Birthday card

I made this card last week  for my husband’s birthday.  He really loved it!


Back again …

Well, after some personal blows I am back again in the blogging world and hope to update regularly.

Meanwhile, my creative muse returned … and here are first results.  I made 6 ATCs for the “Flourishes ATC” swap via the Yahoo group of ArtchixStudio :







For each ATC, at least 1 ARTchix image from the Art Flourishes collage sheet or transparency had to be used.   And some of the images were quite predestined for a maritime theme.